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Do You Need a Tree Surgeon? - Now most folks like trees and in fact we depend on trees to survive, however all trees need maintaining and cannot be simply left to grow uncontrolled, especially in gardens or public spaces. If left uncontrolled trees can soon become a nuisance they can cause damage or injury from falling limbs, give shelter to pests and insects, obstruct light, damage building foundations and pipes and create a trip hazard. If properly looked after trees are usually a great addition to our gardens although the emphasis should be on "cared for properly". Just sawing off a couple of branches when they become too long isn't sufficient, you will probably make your trees gain height and more tricky to deal with. What you actually need is a specialist tree surgeon to call in and give you advice on the most beneficial tree care techniques. Such tree experts understand all that is needed to keep the trees in good condition, they will lop them in the appropriate manner, keep your trees at a suitable height, cut them back at the proper time of the year as well as remove the tree waste when they've finished. You may be capable of handling some small trees by yourself for example fruiting trees but even then you'll want to master the right techniques of pruning them otherwise you may damage the trees or at the very least prevent them from fruiting which is contrary to the purpose of having fruit trees in the first place. If you are going to trim and prune your fruit trees invest in a decent book or better still ask the advice and guidance of a qualified tree surgeon - he or she will steer you on the right track. Thus, the general recommendation is if you've got some trees on your property, you have to take care of them, you might be able to accomplish small trimming duties on your own although for any serious tree care speak to a tree surgeon who will organize everything for you in a safe and secure way making use of the proper tools and gear. (tags: tree care, tree surgery, tree trimming, tree management, tree surgeon)