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Converting Your Garage Have you got a garage in your garden? Do you use it for storing your vehicle? Lots of people just park their motors in the drive and fill their garages up with household rubbish. Is this something that you often do? So perhaps you should use that garage for something more useful. You can convert it into a nice spare room which could be used for a variety of purposes. Perhaps a snooker room, a play room, an extra lounge, a dining area, an annex, a workshop or a spare bedroom. Which one of these would be helpful for your family? As any one of those could be yours fairly quickly if you elect to have a garage conversion conducted on what is really a white elephant standing on your drive. Yes it is a waste if you just use it for storing away clutter and junk. For just several thousand pounds you can make better use of it and at the same time add more value to your house. Probably as much as ten percent. Of all possible ways that people get extra space in their homes, adding a garage conversion is one of the least disruptive and least expensive. A dip into your life savings or a modest loan from your bank could provide you with a handy additional room and perhaps even stop you having to move home as your family get bigger. The likelihood is that your garage conversion won't require local authority planning permission, which means you can get on with it without having to get all that paperwork sorted. Tags: Garage Conversions, Garage Conversion, Converting a Garage, Converting Garages