Builder/Buyer Services Group
PO Box 901467
Kansas City, MO 64190

Welcome to BBSG!

Builder/Buyer Services Group is the provider of VIRTUAL> Builder/Buyer CARE for new home builders and buyers nationwide. Our technology-enhanced systems and efficient methods empower us to respond consistently and appropriately to builder and buyer customer service expectations. Our services have proven profitable to builders and developers, buyers, subcontractors, and agents since 1998.
The EFFECT  of our comprehensive Warranty Orientation Walkthrough includes a pre-closing examination of the new home, facilitation of services, familiarization with processes, explanations of reasonable customer service expectations, communications, and the maintenance responsibilities of a new home owner. Our criteria adhere to national and local codes, and builder specific standards.  
BBSG VIRTUAL> systems and methods are SAFE unique and effective. We document and initiate customer service from request to resolution. We are the customer service point of contact for the first year of new home ownership. Our processes are secure, available online, functional, and efficient. 
We manage customer service expectations based on nationally recognized new home standards. Progressive developers and builders nationwide experience profitable efficiencies and improved buyer relations FROM the services provided by our network of Licensed, Certified BBSG CARE providers. We CARE!